Adam and Matthew took the deal and then moved on to their next adventure. They found a struggling downtown printing and graphics company, and they used the same philosophies, marketing techniques, and ethics to overhaul and brand that business. Success came quickly again, as they sold it on their eleventh month in business for a sizable profit.

From the printing company, they took their graphic team with them and started a publishing and media company. They have owned and operated several niche market, luxury lifestyle magazines in Canada, Arizona, and California. As a result, they successfully delivered over 3 million copies during the years they were successfully acquired.

Throughout their entrepreneurial lives, the Torens realize that some things have never changed since their first business venture. Their passion to help others start, manage, and grow successful business ventures began early on and continues to inspire and empower them to this day.

In 1999, they set out to build what became the largest and fastest growing social networking forum and community for entrepreneurs in the world, Young Entrepreneur had become a must-visit resource for startup CEOs, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors worldwide, reaching an audience that very few can match. After growing over the course of 12 years, it was successfully acquired by Entrepreneur Media.

The Toren brothers also work with and invest in small business owners and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries to help them start, run, grow, and even sell their businesses. They have successfully helped numerous companies level up along the way, including those in the tech space, fashion industry, SaaS market, and many more. They are also proud to be best-selling, award-winning authors of the books “Small Business, Big Vision” and “Kidpreneurs”.

Matthew and Adam are ready to give their ALL to you: years of experience investing in, advising, and growing dozens of incredibly successful businesses.

Years of consulting entrepreneurs and start ups from the ground up.

Years of mentoring and advising, while leading with strong professional integrity.

Years of dedicating themselves to the relentless passion of balancing family, travel, work, and LIFE.

Years of working with people just like you, who know they are capable of AMAZING things and just need a boost, a framework, a system, accountability, some confidence, and a bit of inside knowledge.