Ready for epic
work-life balance
and epic success?

First, breathe.

Then, check this out... we are offering a pre-sale opportunity for 75 warriors who are ready to get real, dive deep, and conquer their goals with purpose and passion Warriors ready to design a life of massive success and massive fulfillment from the inside out.

But first, can we have a moment of true talk?

You know what’s missing from so much of our personal and professional lives?

Commitment and accountability. To ourselves, first and foremost. And to those people and experiences that matter most.

We are out to shift the culture of detachment and lack of fidelity to one’s self, purpose, and vocation. Shift it to one of integrity, financial and emotional wellbeing, and deeply satisfying connection. Make work-life balance an accessible, achievable, and sustainable lifestyle for EVERYONE.

So, we have a crazy plan and we like it that way.

Our CRAZY Presale Offer...

We’re offering an exclusive invitation - reserved for the first 75 people - of 50% off of a yearly membership to our Balance Warriors community and accountability program.

YES. Read that again.

We want to commit to you for a year (and more) and evolve with you. And we hope you’ll feel so valued and supported that you’ll return the love by committing to us, too.

It’s how healthy relationships work.

Why are we doing this?

We think it’s really important to see our community and tribe through their unique and collective journeys. Through the highs and lows, the obstacles and the milestones.

We want to be that incredibly intentional space and team you can count on, regardless of which side of the bed you wake up on or what life throws you each day.

We want to bring back the empowerment found in reciprocity, radical acceptance, and proven accountability.

Let’s invest in one another.

So, here’s the deets.

Reserving a virtual seat will allow you to be one of the first Balance Warriors to join our fleet.

For 50% off our post-launch, yearly rate you’ll discover a community of conscious entrepreneurs from all walks of life and tap into personal interactions with our Balance Warrior team.

With this yearly membership, you’ll receive:

  • Tools, resources, and guidance to grow and scale your business
  • Exclusive invitation to the “Way of the Balance Warrior” online experience
  • Lifetime access to private Facebook group
  • Weekly accountability program
  • Ability to post unlimited questions to Balance Warrior team and have them personally addressed
  • VIP access to our yearly Balance Warriors invite-only event
  • Exclusive member-only content
  • Member-only rate on Balance Warrior Mentorship program

We are not kidding around here. We’ve value-packed this yearly membership because we believe wholeheartedly in it and in the results you’ll see - both short term and long term.

The power of accountability and TRUE human connection is real and so many entrepreneurs are literally begging us for it.

You in? We are.

Let's rock this warrior party.

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